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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Willy Tea from?

Born and raised in Oakdale, CA. Still makes his home thereabouts when he’s not on the road.

What instruments does Willy Tea play?

Willy plays the tenor guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonica. And the mustache. Really, he does.

Who are Willy Tea’s songwriting heroes?

John Hartford, Guy Clark, Greg Brown, Roscoe Holcomb and Tom VandenAvond

Where does Willy’s love of baseball come from?

His dad.

When is Willy’s next album?

Willy Tea will be going into the studio to begin tracking his next solo album in early 2014. Check back here for updates.

What is the 52 Weeks Club?

The 52 Weeks Club is a weekly songwriting group started by Willy and a few other great writers including Tom VandenAvond and Chris Doud. It has grown to include hundreds of musicians worldwide. Each week, a subject or hook is chosen and all participants have one week to write a song accordingly.

Why does Willy root for the Giants if he grew up a Tigers fan?

Darrel Evans, that’s why.

What is Knuckleball Prime?

Knuckleball Prime is the title of my newest album set to come out on  October 23rd. I’m real pumped about the whole project. Ya see, I’m 39 which is considered old for a ballplayer. But knuckleball pitchers don’t peak until their late thirties and early forties. I’m just gettin goin.